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According to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary "Sprig" is defined
below, sandwiched nicely between two other interesting words.

spree / spri: / n. 1 a period or bout of extravagant indulgence; a frenzy (a shopping spree; a drinking spree). 2 a lively outing of revelry; a romp. 3 a period or outburst of a (usu. Specified) activity (a shooting spree). [19th c.: origin unknown]

sprig1 / sprig / n. & v. n.l 1 a a small branch or shoot. b a representation of this used in design or ornament decorating esp. fabric. 2 usu. derogatory a youth or young man, esp. a representative of a class or institution etc. (a sprig of the nobility). l (sprigged, sprigging) adorn or decorate (esp. fabric) with sprigs or similar design. [Middle English from or related to Low German Sprick]

sprig2 / sprig / n. a small thin tapering headless tack used esp. to hold glass in a window frame until the putty dries. [Middle English: origin unknown]

sprightly / 'spreitli / adj. & adv. (sprightlier, sprightliest) l adj. Characterized by animation or cheerful vitality; brisk, lively, spirited. l adv. rare with vigour and animation; in a spirited manner. o sprightliness n. [spright var. of SPRITE + LY]

And used in example,

"Andrew, that sprig of a man, went on a sprightly sprigging spree."

All of my sprigs start as a design from my own head, usually inspired by historical and/or cultural artworks or symbols. A "positive" is then constructed out of clay, left to dry, and fired in the kiln. Once fired, a "negative" mold is made from the fired "positive" and is also fired after it dries. The completed mold can now be used to make sprigs to attach to the surface of a thrown piece of pottery. Each mold can be used for years before a replacement is needed.

Thanks to Greg McRitchie for the photographs!

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